Throughout his life and long enough after his death, Franz Schubert was the personification of a misunderstood genius who had not achieved recognition. Only friends and relatives admired his music,…

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We listen and understand the symphony
What is the difference between classical, academic, symphonic and philharmonic music? Can a string quartet be considered an orchestra, and can such a “orchestra” then be called a violin? Answers…


How to listen to Stravinsky
In 2017, the world music community celebrates 135 years since the birth of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. He became one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century and one…

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A little more than a hundred years ago, the famous poet said that if stars are lit, it means that someone needs it. Interpreting Vladimir Mayakovsky, it is safe to…

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Perepetye songs Vysotsky

Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky can not be written off in the archive, although decades have passed since their appearance. For the first time, they were sung so shrillly that not everybody would decide to perform from the stage. But these are songs that I want to sing. At the campfire, in the company of friends, and yet submit your version to the judgment of the audience – because the soul asks or as a tribute to the memory of the author. Who took up the performance of their favorite songs, we recall with Natalia Letnikova. Continue reading

Vladimir Yurovsky: “Actual music is the one that is written today”

Especially for Kultura.RF, the initiator of the festival, artistic director of the Svetlanov State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia Vladimir Yurovsky told Viktoria Ivanova about the differences between current and contemporary music, the future of composer art and a difficult choice of listener.

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Great symphonies of Russian composers

In the world of music, there are one-of-a-kind, landmark works, the sounds of which spell the chronicle of musical life. Some of these compositions represent a revolutionary breakthrough in art, others have a complex and deep concept, others strike with an extraordinary story of creation, others are a kind of presentation of the composer’s style, and the fifth … are so beautiful in music that it is impossible not to mention them. To the credit of musical art, there are a lot of such works, and as an example we will talk about five selected Russian symphonies, the uniqueness of which is difficult to overestimate. Continue reading

Yuri Bashmet. “The violist is a violinist with a dark past”

Yuri Bashmet is a world-famous artist, an outstanding violist, conductor and teacher. “Kultura.RF” asked him about music lessons, motivation, favorite songs and the intricacies of the profession of a musician.

– Yuri Abramovich, tell us, please, when did you realize that you want to devote your whole life to music? For example, Pyotr Tchaikovsky shook his first trip to the opera – and then he realized his vocation. How was it with you? Continue reading

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Prince has released hundreds of musical compositions and almost forty studio albums, 100 million copies of his records have been sold in the world. All this gave him a certain…


Great music should be available to a large audience - under this motto the great composer of the second half of the 20th century and modernity Rodion Shchedrin creates. None…