“The most difficult thing is to earn the trust of musicians”
Peter Gladysh - What qualities should a conductor have? - As a cellist, I worked in different orchestras with many conductors of different levels, different ages and nationalities. But there…

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It is said that his poetry carries music, and therefore the compositions are obtained which are called songs by Ilya Reznik, and not just music based on his poems. Ilya…


In the late 1950s, when the popular passion for poetry was experiencing a new surge, a fragile figure of a powerful poet Bella Akhmadulina appeared on the literary horizon. She…

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The name of Nikolai Dobronravov is inextricably linked with the name of his muse, wife and faithful companion of Alexandra Pakhmutova. They can not be separated from each other -…

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Perepetye songs Vysotsky

Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky can not be written off in the archive, although decades have passed since their appearance. For the first time, they were sung so shrillly that not everybody would decide to perform from the stage. But these are songs that I want to sing. At the campfire, in the company of friends, and yet submit your version to the judgment of the audience – because the soul asks or as a tribute to the memory of the author. Who took up the performance of their favorite songs, we recall with Natalia Letnikova.

Alla Pugacheva, Diana Arbenina, Olga Kormukhina, Tamara Gverdtsiteli … “I carried my misfortune …” – many bright women told the general story from the stage – with sadness, feeling and anguish that somehow breaks through in this song. But the first of them is “Russian, only with a French passport” – Marina Vlady. Vladimir Vysotsky wrote this piercing song for his wife and a general, family album. Vlady sings it to this day. Only one already.

“The one who did not shoot”
Following Vysotsky, Nikolai Karachentsov sang about the war. Uncle Vysotsky told the story of how the battalion held up its defenses and received an order to “hold on, despite the open flanks.” After the decision to withdraw the battalion, the commander was ordered to be shot. But heavy fire did not give the order to execute. The man remained alive, and a song appeared.

“Bathhouse in White”
“He was for us, the Moscow guys, a very close person” – Garik Sukachev about Vladimir Vysotsky. Back in 1993, the song “Bathhouse in White” was included on the cover album of “Brigade S” – the first song of Vysotsky, sounded from the stage performed by a rock band. After ten years, there were a lot of rewrites on a whole disc, even a vinyl record came out. “My Vysotsky” – thirteen songs. Songs in which the rock musician sees cheerful bravery.

“Strange horse racing”
The first album in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky from Yuri Shevchuk. DDT Records, which collected 14 songs performed by Russian rock musicians, came out exactly 20 years ago. Sergei Chigrakov, or Siskin, “Chayf”, “Alisa”, “Kalinov Bridge”, Sergey Galanin and Konstantin Kinchev wrote their own music to Vysotsky’s poems. On the cover of the CD there are two guitars: a six-string, which is played by modern musicians, and a seven-string one – by Vladimir Vysotsky. Like a bridge through the years. The mastermind of the project itself sang “Alien House” to the accompaniment of the Mitkov Orchestra.

“Horses fastidious”
One of the most popular songs of Vysotsky. Written in 1972 for the film “The Land of Sannikov”. He never got into the picture, just as Vladimir Vysotsky himself didn’t get into the film – the role of Krestovsky. The song about life, death, overcoming often sounded at Vysotsky’s concerts from Moscow to New York. She entered the repertoire of many performers. Konya was sung by Tamara Miansarova, Dmitry Pevtsov, Garik Sukachev, Grigory Leps, Alexander Malinin, and Polish singer Maryla Rodovich turned the song into a ballad.

“The Ballad of Wrestling”
One of six written for the movie “Arrows of Robin Hood.” Entered into the director’s version, at the box office, on the recommendation of censorship, completely different tunes sounded. After the author’s death, the same director Sergei Tarasov shot The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe, where the song was performed by Vysotsky. “So you read the right books as a child,” the “Mill” group sings already in the twenty-first century. Black and white calm, discreet clip and Helavis with a sword of impressive size in his hands.

“Russian Dome”
Bird Sirin, Alkonost, Gamayun … Sadness, joy, hope … And a dialogue with yourself about Russia and dedication to a friend – Mikhail Shemyakin. Vysotsky wrote “Domes” for the film “How King Peter arap Married.” In the film, as was often the case with Vysotsky, the song never sounded, although the actor himself played the main role. “How will I look now, how will I breathe,” sang Alexey Glyzin, Grigory Leps, Dmitry Pevtsov with the KarTush group, and a completely unexpected version performed by the ensemble of ancient Russian and medieval sacred music Sirin.

“Carroll’s Song”
A small part of the whole fairy tale to the music of Vladimir Vysotsky. The only giant disk, released in the homeland during the life of the musician. Marina Vlady was Alice in a production on the Paris Radio, Vysotsky took Alice in Moscow. Spent three years of life. “A lot of unclear things in a strange country …” – the songs caused too many questions. But the music of Vysotsky received an unprecedented cut – classical orchestral processing. Performed by the author himself, and Vsevolod Abdulov, whose insinuating voice was so loved by children of the twentieth century. “Fantasies run on thin legs,” Vyacheslav Butusov sings with his daughter Xenia in the twenty-first century. Such stories are not forgotten, as are the songs.

Mozart managed to conquer all the musical heights that were available at the time, but this did not bring him success in life. Unfortunately, only a few contemporaries could appreciate…


Is it possible to imagine the 20th century without the songs of the great Alexander Zatsepin. Favorite millions of hits and songs from the comedies of Leonid Gaidai made his…