“The most difficult thing is to earn the trust of musicians”
Peter Gladysh - What qualities should a conductor have? - As a cellist, I worked in different orchestras with many conductors of different levels, different ages and nationalities. But there…

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Some “Cranes” would be more than enough for Jan Frenkel to enter the history of music and become a popularly favorite composer. But the same became popular "Russian field", "Old…


Where in Russia to listen to the body
The sound recording company “Melody” presented a new album of organ music - the collected works of Johann Sebastian Bach. The publication includes three important areas of creativity of the…

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The Unsurpassed King of Waltz Johann Straus
Dance melodies, which were called foot music, were condescending in any era. Operas, oratorios and symphonies were always considered noble genres, while all kinds of quadrille, waltzes and polkas were…

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He knew how to sincerely enjoy life and most importantly – to share this feeling with other people, easily arranged holidays on weekdays and convened anyone who was not averse to join in this fun. His whole life has become a kind of love story, scattered around the world in amazing songs. Only he, Arno Babajanyan, was able to write such piercing music.

The best place of the earth
Once, a musical experiment was conducted in Yerevan. Passersby were approached with a request to perform the song by Arno Babadzhanyan “Yerevan Sirun Akhchik”, the composer Arno Babadzhanyankaya, who sounded in the film “The Song of First Love”. Surprisingly, there was not a single person on the street who would not sing it from beginning to end. The composer was madly in love with his hometown, he considered him to be the best place on earth, with him he never lost touch, even while living in the distance.

Arno Babajanyan was born on January 21, 1921. The joys of the head of the family – the mathematics teacher Harutyun Babajanyan – knew no bounds. Three years later, Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) died and mourning was declared in the country. Then the father thought about changing the date of birth of the child, because every year there will be a holiday in their house when the rest of the country mourns the leader of the Bolsheviks. So the boy’s birthday was postponed to January 22.

Great symphonist
Once he came from kindergarten and told his parents that a certain “uncle” came to them and asked the children to sing something. Little Arnaud tried as best he could, for which he received advice from this “uncle” – to make music. It turned out that the singing of the five-year-old boy very much interested Aram Khachaturian himself. Arno was immediately admitted to the music school. It is worth noting that there were no professional musicians among his closest ones, although composer Arno Babadzhanyan played the flute well Harutyun, and the younger Babadzhanyan tried to play the old harmonica from an early age.

At 16, he went to Moscow, where he was immediately taken to the last year of the prestigious Gnesin School of Music. For this trip, Babajanyan also thanked Aram Ilyich, who noticed in time the young talent of the great symphonist.

The protection of Babajanyan’s diploma has become a real event in the creative life of the capital. In the examination committee there were famous pianists and teachers – Jacob Flier, Alexander Goldenweiser and Heinrich Neuhaus. In addition to the works of the classics, it was necessary to play his own creation. Arno presented to the outstanding pianists the work in the style of Alexander Scriabin. The members of the jury listened to him and clarified that they had to do something different, to which the musician replied that he did just that. The examiners were shocked, because they thoroughly knew the work of Scriabin and the work of the young Babajanyan was taken for his music.

The high point of Arno Babajanyan
Of course, at that time none of the teachers or friends of Arnaud could not imagine that the composer would bring fame not to symphonies, but songs. And already his early singing experiments convinced Babajanyan that the composer Arno Babajanyan that such a genre does not at all forgive a superficial attitude towards himself. On the contrary, a songwriter should work with full creative dedication, as well as when composing “serious” forms. Arno Babajanyan later said that in the song genre he is not trying to make any discoveries, on the contrary – he writes about simple human emotions, sings love, joy and sadness.

In 1964, an amazing creative trio was formed – composer Arno Babadzhanyan, poet Robert Rozhdestvensky and singer Muslim Magomayev. The collaboration of the stars of their time turned out to be amazingly fruitful. Who has not heard the song “Wedding”, “Thank you”, “Call me” or “Make a wish.” They instantly became hits, sounded on the radio, they were sung in every yard.

Queen of beauty
At the same time, Arno Babajanyan’s song “Beauty Queen” was born and became the hit song. It turns out that in Yerevan in 1964 one of the first beauty contests in the USSR was organized. Needless to say, the event for that time is completely outlandish. Learning about the upcoming competition, Arno Babadzhanyan decided to become a member of the jury. composer Arno Babadzhanyan. He was so enchanted by the Armenian beauties that a melody of a new song soon appeared, to which later his friend Andrei Gorokhov wrote poems, and the great Magomayev sang it. For the composer to compose a twist in the period when Nikita Khrushchev was fighting avant-gardists and eradicating jazz, it was akin to a civil feat.

The creative resource of Arno was inexhaustible – the hits seemed to fly out from under his fingers, quickly moving his previous songs from the tops of the folk charts. Such haste can be explained only by the fact that Babadzhanyan tried to have time to do as much as possible. Nobody could restrain his energy, sitting at the piano, he became selflessly detached. Thus were born works that were loved and sung by almost everyone.

In addition to cooperation with Robert Rozhdestvensky, Arno Babadzhanyan worked with poets Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Leonid Derbenev.

In the late 1950s, when the popular passion for poetry was experiencing a new surge, a fragile figure of a powerful poet Bella Akhmadulina appeared on the literary horizon. She…


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