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Yuri Entin is not just a poet with a capital letter, he is an adorable poet of the most demanding viewers and listeners – children. Entin gave them a lot of film and multi-heroes, because it was with his words that they spoke and started singing from the TV screens. He revived the Troubadour, the Princess and the Bremen musicians, wrote many songs that sound in “Guest from the Future”, “The Adventures of Buratino”, “The Adventures of Electronics” and other popular films. His talent truly knows no bounds. This year, Yuri Entin is 80 years old.

About sore
Several generations of children grew up on cartoons with songs by Yuri Entin, they are still remembered and loved. Now the poet considers as a real tragedy the absence of children’s programs on the screen and bringing up cartoons with songs and good music. They don’t want to think about this issue in the ministries and departments, they are not interested in the producers of TV channels, radio stations and record companies. The word “unformat” now defines the entire cultural component of the development of society.

Entin is sure that nobody cares about songs for children in the country. If earlier the main producer was a strict state with artistic councils and censors, now everyone can decide only big money. Therefore, all songs written and released by most talented poets and composers by the most influential poet Yuri Entin remain unknown to a wide range of listeners. But Yury Sergeevich continues to serve the children – he writes books, music for them and organizes song contests.

Young historian Yuri Entin
The future songwriter Yuri Entin was born in Moscow on August 21, 1935. Military childhood was spent in evacuation in Orenburg, where the wise grandfather was engaged in raising the boy. His father was at the front, so the boy had to grow up very early. Grandpa instilled in Yuri interest in politics and love of history. Unlike many peers and even adults, he did not like Stalin, did not believe in the “doctors’ case” and that Trotsky turned out to be a German spy.

Entin dreamed of studying at the Moscow Historical and Architectural Institute to study the archives and figure it all out, but they never accepted Jews to this university. Then he entered the ist fact of the pedagogical institute, where he nevertheless reached the archives. This happened thanks to the granddaughter of the USSR First Minister of Justice Nikolai Krylenko, whom Yuri married during his student years.

From teacher to poet
After graduation, Yuri began working at the school as a history teacher, worked for some time in the library, and then accidentally got into the children’s editorial office of the company Melodiya, which he eventually headed. In an endless stream, songwriters for children went to him, the poet Yuri Antinje himself began to write poetry seriously since 1969. Since then, the best composers of the country Gennady Gladkov, Evgeny Krylatov, Alexey Rybnikov, Mark Minkov, Maxim Dunaevsky, Vladimir Shainsky and David Tukhmanov have worked with him. Their joint hits are now called the Golden Age of children’s songs.

Once Yury got on the shooting of the film “Zastava Ilyich”, one of the episodes of which Marlen Hutsiev was shooting at the Polytechnic Institute. At this point, Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Bella Akhmadulina read their poems from the stage. When the director offered to go on stage and read the poem to anyone from the audience, Entin volunteered. He gave to the audience a parody of the verses he had just heard from recognized poets. By the way, they appreciated the talent of Entin. The composer Gennady Gladkov met him in the same place and offered to work on a joint project with actor Vasily Livanov. This was the beginning of a long career and an incredible career of Yuri Entin.

Bremen Adventures
More than 45 years have passed since the release of his first major work on the screens. These were the beloved “The Bremen Town Musicians”, the songs of which became the poet’s trademark. A trio of real creators issued an immortal cartoon. By the way, the image of Princess Vasily Livanov was drawn from the second wife of Entin – Marina, and the Ataman was copied from the wife of director Vyacheslav Kotenochkin.

Surprisingly, the songs for the first cartoon were recorded overnight in the workplace of Entin – the company “Melody”. To sound the heroes, Zinovy ​​Gerdt, Oleg Yankovsky, Zoya Horodadze and Oleg Anofriev were supposed to come. the poet Yuri Entin. As a result, for some reason, everyone could not but Anofriev, who also had a high temperature. Then the creators of the cartoon did not even know about the abilities of Oleg Andreevich, and he persuaded them to let him try to play one game after another. Only for the sound of the princess urgently called classmate Gladkova – singer Elmira Zherdina. And so it turned out a wonderful cartoon.

Golden ray of sunshine
Studio Soyuzmultfilm viewers immediately filled up with letters asking them to continue the adventures of their beloved heroes. At first, the idea was inspired only by Yuri Entin. He invented a new cartoon character – a detective who is looking for an escaped Princess. Sparkling humor of the poet charged on the further work of Livanov and Gladkov, who undertook a new edition.

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