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Perepetye songs Vysotsky
Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky can not be written off in the archive, although decades have passed since their appearance. For the first time, they were sung so shrillly that not…

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It is said that his poetry carries music, and therefore the compositions are obtained which are called songs by Ilya Reznik, and not just music based on his poems. Ilya Rakhmilevich himself believes that the people really know and love the poet only when he has popular songs. And with this, Resnick has no problems, because not only many composers made their careers thanks to his poetry, but most of the venerable performers composed their repertoire based on Resnick’s songs. Even colleagues admit that Ilya Rakhmielevich writes gold in marble. That is why his songs are known and sung by millions of people.

Childhood without fairy tales
When Ilya Reznik is being given compliments on his appearance, he is always joking off that his biological age does not coincide with his passport data only because he washes himself with scented soap. Although in reality, the secret of youth of the famous songwriter lies in boundless love – for his wife, children, performers, pupils of his music songwriter and songwriter Ilya Reznik, the homeless animals and everyone around this outstanding creator. But since early childhood, his life was so tragic that it was fit to stale soul.

Ilya Reznik was born in Leningrad on April 4, 1938. Since the beginning of the war, my father went to the front, the boy with his mother and his father’s adoptive parents lived in the blockade city for a year. Many pictures of starving Leningrad crashed into the memory of a very young boy. His grandparents were Jewish internationalists and came to Denmark from the USSR. At that time, they barely spoke Russian. A year later, the family managed to leave. Ilya spent several years in evacuation in the Urals. In 1944, his father was wounded and died in the hospital, and after returning from the evacuation, his mother remarried and left Ilya to bring up his father-in-law and her mother-in-law. Those officially adopted the child, as once adopted his father. Grandfather gave him his middle name and surname. And though Resnick was brought up by not native people, they loved and cared for him as sometimes blood relatives did not do it.

On the way to creativity
Before deciding on his future profession, Ilya Reznik tried many things. After graduating from school, he worked as a preparator at the Department of Microbiology of the Medical Institute in the hope that next year he would be taken to an educational institution out of competition. But in the examinations Reznik received two marks 4, one point was not enough for admission.

Soon, a friend told me that the regional philharmonic needed actors in vaudeville. The director of the songwriter Ilya Reznik of the cultural institution immediately warned Ilya that he would have to work in parallel with the stage workers – to carry, install and disassemble scenery. This is how the creative career of Ilya Reznik began. On the stage, he played the heroic lovers, and after the performance he worked on scenery with another actor. On tour, we had to carry heavy boxes with props, and then go out on the scaffold and, in any weather, drive through the most remote corners of the homeland in open trucks. Since then, Ilya Reznik developed an allergy to the cold.

Over time, an acquaintance suggested that the guy try his hand at the theater institute, although 100 people claimed for one place there. And again the entrance exams. Ilya decided to read Krylov’s fable “The Crow and the Fox”. After the very first line, the examiner interrupted him, thanked him and said to come next year. The young man is very hurt. He was able to become a student in a theatrical institution at the fourth attempt.

Cinderella by Ilya Reznik
With a diploma in his hands, Reznik came to the Lensovet Theater, where the main director and artistic director Igor Vladimirov took him only songwriter Ilya Reznicko auxiliary staff. He spent a year in the crowd, and then moved to the Komissarzhevskaya Theater, where he served for seven wonderful years. When a play about the history of the French Revolution “First Chapter” was staged in the theater, the composer Igor Tsvetkov created the music for the play, and Ilya Reznik wrote the poem “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The next day, Tsvetkov called Reznik and said that he had composed a song for his poetry. And when he sang the resulting composition, Ilya realized that you need to call it “Cinderella”. It was first performed by Taisiya Kalinichenko, and then the song was transferred to the repertoire of Lyudmila Senchina, making a real celebrity and all-union Cinderella from the singer.

Legendary tandem
In 1972, Ilya Reznik decided to leave the theater. For some reason, he considered himself a mediocre artist, and his soul was already striving for poetry. He even wrote the poem Ovalnaya, in which were the words: “I am no longer an actor, but not a poet yet.”

At the same time, the orchestra of the legendary Oleg Lundstrem arrived on tour in the northern capital. Young Alla Pugacheva performed in it, and singer Galina Nenasheva ended the concert. Ilya Reznik cherished the dream that Galina sang his song. He even asked Pugachev to help and sing along. songwriter Ilya ReznikNenasheva didn’t like “Love should be good”, and then Resnick offered it to Pugacheva.

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