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Yuri Entin is not just a poet with a capital letter, he is an adorable poet of the most demanding viewers and listeners - children. Entin gave them a lot…

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Fate gave Oleg Anofriev many different roles. He brilliantly made the seemingly unbelievable – in one film he created more than ten brilliant images. He had what set him apart from many. Nature gave him a wonderful voice that almost everyone in our country knows. As a rule, his stage or song hero is a simple, ordinary guy, he is always “our”, an acquaintance, somewhere seen, perhaps living among us. Oleg Anofriev called him “my wise simple stil”.

The childhood childhood of Oleg Anofriev
However, its “simple” is not so simple. The future actor, singer and composer Oleg Andreevich Anofriev, a hereditary Muscovite by birth, was born in Gelendzhik on July 20, 1930. As he himself was joking, due to a misunderstanding. The fact is that his father, the chief doctor of one of the largest Moscow factories, was sent to a sanatorium for the summer and took his family with him. The four of them left for the south, and returned with five of them. Anofriev had two more brothers from his mother’s first marriage.

Oleg Andreevich recalled that his mother was very beautiful and talented, because at the age of 17, singer Oleg Anofriev allowed herself, without asking his father, to take an exam in drama school. And when she returned with joy and said that she would be an actress and was accepted into the drama school, her father put her under lock and key. After the college trick, the mother was married to clerk Maxim Anufriev (later Oleg Andreevich changed the letter in the name). With her first husband, the mother of our hero after many years still broke up and married his younger brother, who loved her all these years. Oleg’s amazing musicality from her mother: she sang in the choir and often took her younger son to rehearsals.

As a child, Anofriev, like other boys of wartime, drove a ball in cramped yards, prudently mischievous, dreamed of escaping to the front and fighting the fascists like older brothers. Oleg’s father, on the eve of World War II, was sent by a military doctor to the Far Eastern Front. Soon the elder brothers of Oleg were on the front. In 1939, the average was called Sergei, and in 1941, the eldest volunteer, Vladimir, left. He died near Novorossiysk. Years later, Oleg Anofriev dedicated the song “White Triangle” to him. The middle brother, Sergey, was wounded on the Karelian Isthmus, was surrounded. He was unconscious when the Finns captured him as a singer Oleg Anofriev captive, where he stayed for several years. Only in 1944, the family received a message from him: “Alive and well, can I add anything to this?” Oleg Anofriev remembered this line for the rest of his life. When Sergey returned home, he was immediately in the camp for being taken prisoner. Later Sergei Anofriev was rehabilitated, but he died, barely over fifty.

Until October 1941, Oleg and his mother remained in the capital, then they were sent into evacuation to Sverdlovsk. At this time, the father of the commission. Having found his wife and son in Sverdlovsk, Andrei Sergeevich took them to Moscow.

The eternal boyish game of war almost turned into a tragedy for Oleg Anofriev. In April 1942, he found a grenade on the street and began to disassemble it. The result – an explosion that crippled the hand of an 11-year-old boy. By all indications, the brush should have been amputated. But, fortunately, that day my father came to leave. Surgeons who operated on the boy, heeded the request of colleagues and spent the whole three months fighting for the salvation of the hand. Subsequently, due to this injury, he managed with great difficulty to enter the drama school.

Actor Oleg Anofriev dreamed of becoming from an early age. From the sixth grade, singer Oleg Anofriev, he participated in the school drama circle. And he got an acting profession at the Moscow Art Theater School, which he graduated in 1954. Creative life began with work in the Central Children’s Theater, where Oleg got into distribution. His first work on the stage was a small role in the play by Oleg Efremov, The Imaginary Patient.

Then there was the Mossovet Theater, where the first serious theatrical debut of Oleg Anofriev took place – the role of Vasily Terkin in the play of the same name. His success at home and abroad largely depended on the convincing game of the protagonist.

One of the Sofia newspapers expressed an opinion on the work of the actor: “In the performance of the actor Oleg Anofriev Anofriev not only the verses of Tvardovsky come to life, but the hidden features of human charm become visible. You are the people, you are the vast Russian soul, you have the most sublime impulses in them. You are crystal clear as a Russian song, elusive and unique, like the sounds of an accordion that has come to life in your hands. ” Terkin became the national hero of Bulgaria, and the city of Russ awarded Oleg Anofriev the title of honorary citizen.

Kinoheroy Oleg Anofriev
Later there were other roles, but … Gradually, the cinema begins to play a leading role in the life of Oleg Anofriev. He attracted Anofriev even after graduating from drama school. His first work was the film “The Secret of Beauty”, in which he played the taste of the 1950s. Then he performed more than a dozen roles.

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