In the late 1950s, when the popular passion for poetry was experiencing a new surge, a fragile figure of a powerful poet Bella Akhmadulina appeared on the literary horizon. She…

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The most famous Russian operas abroad
Rare theater today does without the Russian repertoire: classical operas by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Modest Mussorgsky and Igor Stravinsky, Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitry Shostakovich are staged. Portal "Kultura.RF"…


It took almost two centuries for humanity to learn, understand and appreciate the music of the great Antonio Vivaldi again, because soon after his death he was unfairly forgotten. In…

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The composer of the century called Alexander Pakhmutova Lev Leschenko. We think that not only people of the Soviet generation will agree with this, but also those who over the…

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Prince has released hundreds of musical compositions and almost forty studio albums, 100 million copies of his records have been sold in the world. All this gave him a certain creative freedom, he could afford unpredictable actions, outrageous and eccentricity. And once he just wanted to change his stage name for a complex graphic symbol. He worked for hours in his home studio, and then, going out to thousands of fans on the stage, he enveloped them with his magic. At first, he drove the audience into a frenzy, after which he forced him to listen carefully to the lyrical song. This was the secret of its popularity and magic, fueled by an incredible performance.

Life for two
This virtuoso guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and outrageous singer was called a real rebel and a true propagandist of freedom. He was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis and received the name Prince Rogers Nelson. Singer Prince His mother, an American of European descent Mattie Della, was a jazz singer. Father, African-American John Lewis Nelson, was a pianist and composer.

The head of the family led the band The Prince Rogers Trio. The team performed at various parties and local concerts. In order to support his family, John worked in the factory, doing hard manual labor, although music was his lifelong dream. Prince grew up watching his father suffer from the impossibility of devoting himself to his beloved work. Then the boy promised himself to live an exciting musical life for the two of them. This desire and desire of the son to earn fatherly love forced Prince to hone his singing and performing skills for hours.

Family discord
John had a difficult character, so his children were even afraid of him. After work, he often did not come in the mood and the singer Prince started to pick on the offspring on every detail. The sisters were more accommodating, so they tried hard to please the parent, but Prince, on the contrary, easily got involved in a verbal skirmish with his father. One of these family scandals ended sadly. John cried out to his son to get him out of the house. Of course, it was just an emotional statement from an angry father, but Prince did not stay. So at the age of 15, he moved to his friends, expecting his father to cool down and call him home. But the wayward John didn’t want to be the first to put up. Prince had to earn a living and in parallel to make music.

Prince’s creativity is back on track
A naturally inquisitive young man was constantly in contact with bad companies, who were keen to cash in on his account. After another quarrel, the singer Prince of friends or some kind of revelry was annoyed by a young man who found an outlet in Lutheran parishes. He came there not only to communicate with God (the connection with which he felt from early childhood), but also to care for his beloved roses.

Cousin Prince decided to look after him and participate in the life of the young talent. She joined him in 1977 in the group of her husband – 94 East. A relative quickly found an approach to the guy and helped direct the beating creative energy to the right direction. The following year, Prince prepared the material, recorded and produced the album For You himself. Ever since, his star has only gained in brightness.

Minneapolis sound
The first real hit of the young musician “I Wanna Be Your Lover” gave him a non-singer Prince just fame, but also brought the respect of critics. Music observers started talking about a special “Minneapolis sound”, and later unanimously declared Prince his ancestor. It was he who was able to stylistically combine several directions simultaneously: rock, pop, synth-pop, funk and music of a new wave.

The real take-off in the artist’s career happened at the turn of the 1970-80s, when he released the album “Prince”, which included the famous song “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?”. From beginning to end, he wrote, arranged and performed everything in the album himself. The number of copies sold worldwide records made it platinum.

From one collection to another, the creative look of Prince changed, adding even more color to his extraordinary image. The third album of the singer “Dirty Mind” of 1980 turned out to be the most provocative because of the presence of the singer of Prorotkrovenny and even to some extent sassy texts and image, which Prince chose for himself. Since that time, he began to wear challenging outfits and stilettos. Once he performed at the opening of The Rolling Stones and the band’s fans even threw plastic bottles at him. Although the artist is not particularly upset, because he never sought to adapt to the audience and someone like. On the contrary, he wanted to show himself to the world as he was, to conquer his scandalousness. Prince believed that born in a world of contrasts, where there are black and white colors, good and evil, day and night, men and women, to be something one is simply impermissible, because everything must exist in harmony.

This composer created with the hope that his works will help people to become at least a little happier and serve them as a source of vigor and inspiration. With…


He knew how to sincerely enjoy life and most importantly - to share this feeling with other people, easily arranged holidays on weekdays and convened anyone who was not averse…